Etan Premium trampoline safety net deluxe 12ft / 366 cm – black


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For everyone who wants the best of the best, there is this Etan Premium Deluxe trampoline safety net. In the color black. Everything is taken care of with this net. The net meets all strict safety requirements. Of course, it does what it was designed for; namely to catch the trampoline’s finger in the event of a fall. With this net, you can never unintentionally end up outside the trampoline. In addition, the eye also wants something, which you can see in the beautiful design with the curved poles but also in the materials used. The net has such a fine mesh structure that you can easily see through it and so your garden view is preserved. In short, the best choice for your Etan Premium trampoline.

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Dimension mounted trampoline

Ø 366

Warranty on other parts

3 years

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