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Etan Premium trampoline with enclosure 14ft / 427 cm – green

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Quality, safety, jumping comfort and luxury, all combined in this Etan Premium Gold trampoline with safety net.

This trampoline is produced in Europe with high-quality materials and meets all strict safety requirements. The protective rim has an extra inner sleeve that ensures that hands and feet cannot reach the springs.

Besides being safe, this trampoline is also very chic in your garden. You don’t buy an Etan trampoline for a year, it will last all childhood! Also important that it fits nicely in your garden so. But also jumping comfort has been thought of.

This is due to a combination of factors, the long conical springs made of special spring steel containing zinc, the unique Diamond System at the jumping mat and by opting everywhere for quality products that improve the stability of the trampoline.

The unique Diamond System means that a triangle with a hole and a triangle with a trench opening are alternately attached to the jumping mat. This means that not all springs are activated simultaneously when jumping. For small children, this means that they can still jump smoothly with less weight. Jumping in is easier. This makes it easy for everyone to jump to great heights on an Etan Premium trampoline.

In combination with the high-quality conical springs, in which zinc is incorporated into the steel, the jumping power is retained. This means that everyone jumps easily to great heights on an Etan Premium trampoline. This Inground trampoline with net comes complete with safety net and is available in black and in anthracite grey.

Additional information

Weight 132 kg
Dimensions 185 × 59 × 70 cm
Recommended age


Size of cushion

Ø 427

Trampoline size

Ø 427

Diamond System jump mat


Warranty on other parts

3 years

Warranty safety pads

5 years

Jumping mat warranty

5 years

Warranty trampoline frame

at registration 15 years, otherwise 10

Made in


Estimated installation time


Safety net included


Frame material

Galvanized steel

Safety pad material

620 grams German PVC / Permatron

Jumping mat material



Etan Premium




Etan d.o.o.

Spring protection safety pad


Trampoline shape


Filling safety pad

EPE foam



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