Trampoline skirt

Place a trampoline skirt over your standing trampoline and prevent children and pets from getting under the trampoline. Available in black for different trampoline sizes.

  • Etan trampoline rok 305 cm / 10ft zwart

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    Etan trampoline rok 183 cm / 06ft zwart

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An extra bit of safety for your upright trampoline

Do you have an upright trampoline with net? And do you have child(ren) who are still crawling? Then it is possible that your little one is crawling through the garden. To make sure the child can’t get under the trampoline while there are children jumping on the trampoline, a trampoline skirt might be a good product for that extra bit of protection and security. This is because a trampoline is attached to the top rail of the trampoline and extends all the way to the bottom of the legs. This way no child or pet can get under the trampoline. Safety assured!