Trampoline installation kit

Do you want to turn your standing trampoline into an inground trampoline? That is possible with the installation kit of Etan Trampolines. With this installation kit, you maintain the jumping power and optimal air movement of a standing trampoline.

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From upright to inground trampoline

Suppose you have bought an upright Etan Premium trampoline but, you find out later that you still want to bury it because you find it too high. Or you have taken over a trampoline from someone and you would like a inground trampoline. Also here is a reasonably easy solution. With the installation kit of Etan Trampolines, you can bury your upright trampoline. This requires you to dig a hole. How to do this? This is explained step by step in the included manual. Still, having trouble figuring it out after all? That's no problem either. Our customer service is ready for you! Contact us!.