Brand new in the Etan Trampolines collection: the Etan Xchange trampoline safety pads. These safety pads were especially developed as replacement pads for both Etan Premium and Etan Hi-Flyer trampolines. Made of German PVC, just like our well-known Premium safety pads in a sleek high-gloss black color for an attractive price.

These pads are universal and fit the trampolines of other trampoline brands. Available in the popular trampoline sizes; trampoline 08ft, trampoline 10ft, trampoline 12ft.

  • Etan Xchange trampoline padding 244 cm / 08ft black

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  • Etan Xchange trampoline padding 281 x 201 cm / 0965 black

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  • Etan Xchange trampoline padding 305 cm / 10ft black

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  • Etan Xchange trampoline padding 366 cm / 12ft black

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  • Etan Xchange trampoline padding 397 cm / 13ft black

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  • Etan Xchange trampoline padding 427 cm / 14ft black

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What are the differences between Etan Premium and Etan Xchange trampoline safety pads?

A trampoline safety pad made of PVC that also comes from Germany? But how come the Etan Xchange trampoline safety pads are still considerably cheaper than the Etan Premium safety pads? This is because Etan Xchange safety pads are made in a slightly different way than Etan Premium pads.

Does Etan Xchange have an innersleeve?

Etan Premium Rims have an innersleeve. This sleeve is attached to the inside of the trampoline safety pad and ensures that the pad fits perfectly into the trampoline jumping mat. In this way, the space between the safety pads and the trampoline jumping mat is better closed, which prevents hands and feet from reaching the trampoline springs.

Do the Etan Xchange trampoline pads have the Envelope System?

The Etan Premium safety pads also have an envelope system. This system ensures that the individual segments fit perfectly and the trampoline frame is completely covered. The Etan Xchange trampoline safety pads do not have Etan Premium’s envelope system. However, the foam in the safety pads is of comparable quality and thickness.

What are the advantages of Etan Xchange safety pads?

One advantage of the Xchange safety pads is that they consist of more segments than Etan Premium pads. Because the safety edge consists of more segments, it can be folded up smaller. This way, the safety pads take up less space and can easily be stored away during the winter.

Finally, the Etan Xchange trampoline safety pads are available in a luxurious black high-gloss color. This ensures that the trampoline looks neat and tidy at all times. A modern look in every garden.

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