• Etan Premium rectangular in-ground trampoline with net deluxe 1259ft / 380 x 275 cm – grey

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  • Etan Premium rectangular in-ground trampoline with enclosure deluxe 1259ft / 380 x 275 cm – black

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Buy an in ground trampoline rectangle at Etan

A rectangular in-ground trampoline is the ultimate trampoline for you if you’re looking for a modern, in-ground trampoline. Because of its shape, this rectangular in ground trampoline fits in every garden – in the middle of the grass or in that empty corner. A trampoline rectangular has no central jumping point, which means that when you jump, you can end up on a different spot of the trampoline. Excellent for high jumps and somersaults. Are you looking for a classic trampoline model with a central jumping point? Then go for an in-ground trampoline round.

The rectangle in ground trampolines are available in various sizes, of which 281 x 201 cm and 310 x 232 cm are the most popular sizes. Also consider whether you want to dig in your in-ground trampoline yourself or if you want to outsource this. In our step-by-step plan, you will discover how to determine the location of the trampoline, how deep you should dig and in what shape. This way, the children can jump immediately and you’ve had your workout!

Rectangular in ground trampoline or flatground?

Etan Trampolines has various trampoline collections and also various in-ground trampolines. There’s the in ground rectangle trampoline and the rectangular flatground trampoline. An in ground trampoline rectangle is in-ground whereby the trampoline padding rises approximately 23 cm above the ground. The trampoline is placed on the pit, so to speak, and the air moves through the mesh in the protective edge. A rectangular flatground trampoline is laid in the pit and is completely ground level, or flat to the ground. The flatground trampoline rectangular has an innovative jumping mat, through which the air circulates.

In ground rectangle trampoline

At Etan, you’ll find the rectangle in ground trampoline for the beginner to the experienced jumper. The Etan Hi-Flyer from Asia is the perfect entry trampoline for smaller children. Are the children a bit older and do they have years of jumping experience? Then it’s recommended to go for the European Etan Premium in ground rectangle trampoline. Why, you may wonder. With the Etan Premium trampolines, you notice the difference in jumping because of the trampoline springs and the trampoline jumping mat. On a Premium rectangular in ground trampoline you’ll make smoother jumps, which allows you to make high jumps and perform cool tricks.

Flatground trampoline rectangular

The brand-new Etan PremiumFlat trampolines and the Etan UltraFlat trampolines are both rectangular flatground trampolines. Both trampoline lines are fully produced in Etan’s own factory in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Because of the use of European raw materials, our trampolines are of extremely high quality and this is reflected in long warranties and years of jumping fun.