• Etan Premium in-ground trampoline with enclosure 12ft / 366 cm – black

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  • Etan Premium trampoline with net 12ft / 366 cm – black

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  • Etan Sky-Flyer Inground trampoline with enclosure 12ft / 366 cm green

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A trampoline 12ft? What types and qualities are there?

A trampoline 12ft for your spacious garden? Do you want a trampoline on which you can make big jumps without losing your jumping comfort? Then the 12ft trampoline is the size for you. This spacious 12ft trampoline is a very accessible size and very popular at the moment. Is a 12ft trampoline just a bit too big for you? A 10ft trampoline might be a better fit! Available in stand-up and in-ground trampolines 12ft. Do you opt for a good Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline, or do you want to go for real European quality? Then choose an Etan Premium Trampoline 12ft! Are you planning on buying an inground 12ft trampoline? Then it's important that you dig a bowl-shaped hole 320 cm wide and 70 cm deep. Looking for the right trampoline safety pads? Check out trampoline safety pads 12ft.

A trampoline 12ft wide. Why is it so accessible?

The 12ft trampoline or the trampoline 366 cm is one of the most accessible sizes for any garden. This is because this trampoline is large, which means multiple children can jump at the same time. (Attention! Etan recommends not jumping with multiple children at the same time to prevent accidents). In addition, the 12ft trampoline does not lose any jumping comfort, regardless of its size. The thing is, a 14ft trampoline is often very popular in the larger gardens. However, with these size trampolines, it's essential that both the trampoline springs and the air displacement are excellent to be able to jump well.

Trampoline 12ft. How do I assemble this top seller?

Whether it's an in-ground trampoline 12ft or an upright trampoline, assembling a trampoline can be quite a job. Do you have two left hands or just don't feel like putting together a 12ft trampoline? That happens often. At Etan Trampolines, we offer several services that can make this process easier for you or even take it off your hands. First of all, for all products in our webshop, you can watch the accompanying instruction video next to the product description. This video will explain step by step how to assemble the 12ft trampoline. Whether it's a trampoline with enclosure or without enclosure. Looking for a smaller size trampoline, then take a look at Etan's trampoline 06ft and trampoline 08ft. Or view our complete range of trampolines.