Eurotramp, the brand that also provides the Olympic games with their trampolines, is also available at Etan Trampolines. A professional trampoline that is suitable for the most ambitious jumpers, athletes, schools, campings, and public spaces. The Eurotramp Grandmaster trampoline and the Eurotramp standard are both available upon request.

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Why a Eurotramp trampoline?

It is for good reason that the Olympic Games use a Eurotramp trampoline. Every trampoline of this brand is a combination of decades of experience with modern technology and innovative ideas. The quality of this Eurotramp trampoline is being improved every day. Due to the use of high-quality steel and the most recent welding procedure, a Eurotramp trampoline is very light without the loss of stability. This light trampoline makes jumping easier, even for athletes. During the production process, only high-quality materials are used from start to finish. This minimizes maintenance and repair costs.

Eurotramp goes for durability

Eurotramp not only goes for high quality, but also for durability. All resources and production processes used by Eurotramp meet strict national and international environmental requirements. During the production process green electricity is used.

Order your Eurotramp trampoline at Etan Trampolines

We do not have Eurotramp trampolines in stock. This trampoline is available on request only. Would you as a campsite, school, restaurant, pancake house, or public play area like to buy a Eurotramp trampoline? Then you’ve come to the right place.

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