Everything you need to know about the Etan PremiumFlat Trampoline

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An Etan PremiumFlat trampoline, the crème de la crème of the trampolines!

With Etan’s PremiumFlat trampolines, you choose modern design, innovative techniques, safety and the highest quality from Europe. Available in 3 rich colours, a size for every garden and in round and rectangular. The PremiumFlat trampolines are flat and in combination with the thick safety pads, safe without safety net.

The ultimate trampoline: PremiumFlat in your garden

Experience the quality of the PremiumFlat trampoline, Etan’s ground-level trampoline for the best price. A sleek trampoline which is safe, too. That way, it’s eye-catching and you can let your children jump the trampoline with peace of mind. Etan’s Premium trampolines are extra safe because an additional flap is attached to the trampoline jumping mat. This flap lies over the trampoline springs and, in combination with the inner sleeve of the protective pads, makes it impossible for little hands and feet to get between the springs.

Everything you need to know about the Etan PremiumFlat Trampoline
Etan OptiFlow jumping mat vs traditional jumping mat

A jump like you have never experienced before

A jumping mat specially designed for ground-level trampolines, made of high-quality German PVC. The Etan OptiFlow trampoline jumping mat has an open structure, which allows the air to circulate easily and prevents dull jumps.

With Etan’s unique Diamond System, every child, regardless of age and weight, can jump smoothly and high. The Diamond System ensures that not all springs are activated at the same time, but a fraction of a second later. This way, you don’t have to stretch 80 springs but 40 springs on a 12ft trampoline. A smooth jump guaranteed!

A trampoline according to your personal preference

The most well-known trampoline is still the round trampoline, but the rectangular trampoline is also becoming more popular. Because of its shape, a rectangular trampoline fits better in smaller gardens. Moreover, you jump higher on a rectangular trampoline and you can do cool tricks. A win-win situation! There’s a reason why professional athletes jump on rectangular trampolines.

The round PremiumFlat trampoline is perfect if you want to make powerful jumps on one spot of the trampoline. This is extremely safe for the young jumpers.

Everything you need to know about the Etan PremiumFlat Trampoline
Everything you need to know about the Etan PremiumFlat Trampoline

Invest in the quality of European products

Europe is the base of Etan’s trampolines. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, all Etan trampolines are made of European materials. The Premium trampoline pads are made of high-quality 630 gram German PVC with UV-resistant coating, the trampoline springs come from the Netherlands, and the Permatron of the jumping mats from Croatia.

The quality of the PremiumFlat trampolines is reflected in the warranty, with 15 years on the steel trampoline frame and springs, 6 years on the OptiFlow trampoline mat, and 5 years on the safety pads. So your children can enjoy jumping on the Etan PremiumFlat for the rest of their youth.

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