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Etan Hi-Flyer in-ground trampoline 10ft / 305 cm – green


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A good trampoline, for a better price

The Etan Hi-Flyer inground trampoline 305 cm / 10ft in the color green is the second smallest round inground trampoline within the Etan Hi-Flyer range. With its small size, this trampoline fits in many a garden. Because of its green color, this trampoline is fully incorporated into your garden and provides a very neat appearance. Because this is an inground model, it can be neatly tucked away in your garden.

This popular inground trampoline ensures years of fun for both young and old. An inground trampoline is placed on the sidewall of the pit after digging and not in the pit. This way, this trampoline protrudes approximately 23cm above the ground. Are you ready to jump for hours on your new Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline? Take off your shoes and experience it today!

Etan Hi-Flyer in-ground trampoline 10ft / 305 cm – green

A trampoline protective edge that covers the springs

The trampoline safety pad is the part that ensures that the springs are covered at all times while jumping. Because this trampoline safety pad is made of PVC, they don’t tear easily and stay nice for a long time. In addition, the pad has a thickness of no less than 3cm, very thick for this price range. The Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline safety pads come with a 2-year guarantee.

The Etan Hi-Flyer inground trampoline safety pad has mesh holes at the bottom of the pad. This ensures an optimal airflow during jumping. These surrounds also have holes in the rim. The safety net poles are inserted into these holes to attach the trampoline safety net.

Conical steel springs with a zinc coating

The Etan Hi-Flyer trampoline springs are made of sturdy steel and are immersed in a bath of zinc. This zinc coating ensures that the steel springs won’t rust. The steel of the trampoline can, however, be exposed to moisture and frost, despite being covered by the trampoline safety pads and the trampoline canvas.

The Etan Hi-Flyer springs have a length of 17,5 cm and have both a short and a long hook. The short hook goes on the triangle and the long hook is mounted in the frame. Of course, the trampoline parts are also available separately.

Etan Hi-Flyer in-ground trampoline 10ft / 305 cm – green

Additional information

Weight 43 kg
Dimensions 163 × 57 × 30 cm
Made in


Number of pegs


Trampoline shape


Spring protection safety pad





Etan Hi-Flyer

Maximum user weight (kg)


Jumping mat material


Safety pad material


Frame material

Galvanized steel



Filling safety pad

EPE foam

Estimated installation time


Warranty trampoline frame

at registration 8 years, otherwise 5

Jumping mat warranty

2 years

Warranty safety pads

2 years

Warranty on other parts

2 years

Diameter tube

Ø 45 x 1,5

Trampoline size

Ø 305

Size of the hole to be excavated (cm)

Ø 260 x 65

Size of cushion

Ø 305

Recommended age


Number of springs


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