Etan Premium Gold Inground trampoline safety pad 366 cm / 12ft green


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We also have a special in-ground edge for the 366 cm (12 ft) In-ground trampoline. Thanks to the breathable mesh on the outside of the safety pads, air can circulate well and you maintain optimum jumping comfort. When choosing a suitable safety pad for your trampoline, also look at the length of the springs to be covered; in this case, springs of up to 22 cm are well covered. A good border is essential for safe trampoline jumping so pick it with due consideration. What do you think is most important, color, design, the thickness of foam, quality, or guarantees? Something to think about. And if we can help please contact us, and we will be happy to advise you!

Please note: This protective border consists of two parts; the protective border that comes on top of the trampoline and the finishing border that is stretched on the side of the trampoline frame.

Additional information

Weight 13 kg
Dimensions 148 × 60 × 28 cm
Size of cushion

Ø 366

Trampoline size

Ø 366

Warranty safety pads

5 years

Made in


Estimated installation time




Length of springs (mm)
Safety pad material

620 grams German PVC / Permatron


Etan Premium




Etan d.o.o.

Trampoline shape


Filling safety pad

EPE foam