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Etan Premium rectangular trampoline with net deluxe 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – black


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A European trampoline of Dutch quality

Etan Premium trampoline with net deluxe 281 x 201 cm / 0965 black is the smallest size of the rectangular stand-up trampolines in the Etan Premium line. Due to its small size, it fits in many gardens. This trampoline is made according to all European standards and contains only real quality materials. The safety net provides extra protection when jumping, so children can’t fall on the ground next to the trampoline. In the Deluxe version of this trampoline, the poles of the safety net are bent, which makes the whole look just a bit tighter.

The Etan Premium trampoline line is produced in Etan’s own factory in Bosnia-Herzegovina, the heart of Europe. Quality is not optional and therefore we control every aspect of our product ourselves. Within the European borders, this means that production takes place according to European production conditions. Partly due to the quality and high-quality materials, we can say that this trampoline has earned a place at the top of the trampoline market.

Etan Premium rectangular trampoline with net deluxe 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – black

Trampoline safety pads made of strong German PVC

The Etan Premium trampoline safety pads are made of strong 630-gram German PVC. Very high-quality PVC is used. That’s why we can give a 5-year guarantee on these safety pads. A very long term.

Besides the high quality of the used material, safety is of course also a top priority when it comes to making the safety pads. The Etan Premium trampoline safety pads have an inner sleeve on the inside of the safety pads. This inner sleeve makes sure the safety pads and the jumping mat meet each other much better. As a result, children’s hands and feet can never reach the trampoline springs.

The Etan Premium trampoline also has a mesh edge on the underside of the protective pads. The advantage of this is that there is a better airflow between the outside of the trampoline and the underside. This prevents the safety pads from flapping during jumping.

A jumping mat with Etan’s unique Diamond System

The Etan Premium trampoline jumping mats are made of high-quality Permatron. This is a woven synthetic material that doesn’t stretch and can move freely while jumping. Normally, trampoline jumping mats have iron triangles that are attached to the mat. The Etan Premium jumping mats, however, are provided with plastic triangles. They are made according to Etan’s Diamond System, are 100% rustproof and frost-resistant.

Etan’s unique Diamond System
With the Diamond System, the openings in the triangle are alternately round and oval. This way, every child can jump smoothly and make very high jumps, regardless of their weight. Because half of the triangles have oval openings and the other half round openings, the trampoline springs are activated a fraction of a second after each other and not simultaneously. So a boy of 35 kilos does not have to have 52 springs stretched out at once. A guarantee for a smooth jump!

Etan Premium rectangular trampoline with net deluxe 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – black
Etan Premium rectangular trampoline with net deluxe 0965ft / 281 x 201 cm – black

An externally attached trampoline safety net

With the Etan Premium trampolines, the safety nets are attached to the outside of the trampoline frame. Other trampoline brands do not do this and attach the safety net to the inside of the trampoline safety pads. Because of this, it often happens that children step on the safety net and thus damage the net and the safety edge. In addition, the jumping area of the trampoline is considerably reduced. So the Etan Premium trampolines distinguish themselves in a positive way.

With Etan Premium trampolines, the safety net is attached to the outside, around the top rail of the trampoline frame. This way, you preserve space on the trampoline pads and don’t destroy the safety net. The safety nets of our Etan Premium line are tested to 500kg. This was done by letting a concrete ball of this weight slowly hit the jumping mat.

Additional information

Weight 95.4 kg
Dimensions 164 × 59 × 58 cm
Number of springs


Recommended age

from 3 years

Width and thickness safety pad

410 x 30 cm

Warranty safety pads

5 years

Jumping mat warranty

5 years

Warranty trampoline frame

at registration 15 years, otherwise 10

Made in


Estimated installation time




Length of springs (mm)


Frame material

Galvanized steel

Safety pad material

620 grams German PVC / Permatron

Jumping mat material


Maximum user weight (kg)



Etan Premium




Etan d.o.o.

Trampoline shape


Filling safety pad

EPE foam

Size of cushion

281 x 201 cm

Trampoline size

281 x 201 cm

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