Fun trampoline accessories, an Etan Bounceboard on which you can learn and practice you’re favorite jumps and tricks or a cool Etan flashlight with which you can make a spectacular light show? Look at our assortment of trampoline accessories below.

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A trampoline so much more than jumping

Despite the fact that you can of course make the highest jumps on a trampoline, there are many other games you can play on it. For example, you can play handkerchief laying in a completely different way, or tagging! But be careful not to bump into each other.

Is it a snowboard or a surfboard

What the hell is that? A Etan Bounce Board is a snowboard shaped board that you attach under your feet when jumping. With this Bounce Board you learn to keep a better balance which can contribute to sports like wakeboarding, snowboarding and skateboarding. This Bounce Board is made of a sturdy foam. This allows you to practice the coolest tricks without worries. Does it go wrong once in a while? No problem, because the Bounce Board is very lightweight and, despite being sturdy, very soft board.

A light show in your backyard

Not only can you practice the coolest tricks with an Etan Bounce Board, but you can also create an awesome light show in your own backyard. With the Etan Flashlight in the colors red and green you can still have a lot of fun in the dark on your trampoline. The light is activated because the jumper collides with it while jumping. The higher and harder you jump, the more light!